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We offer only the best

Vintage is a full service experience. We take care of all stages of the process:

We work closely with the families to determine the perfect legacy video for their loved one. Vintage can provide suggestions and prompts for content, or you can create your own unique concept.

  • • Listen to the story of how Grandma and Grandpa met.
  • • Watch Grandma make the family’s favorite recipe.
  • • Find out what was Grandpa was really like as a child.
  • • Discover secrets hidden in the family photo album.
  • • Hear your old bedtime song in the voice you’ll always remember.
  • • Learn about historical events through the eyes of your loved ones.
  • • Track your lineage back through generations.
  • • Capture Grandpa’s words of wisdom and life lessons.

...and so many more possibilities!

The price is right!

All packages include:

20 minute fully edited Vintage Video
5 scanned photos
1 final DVD

Legacy Plus
30 minute fully edited Vintage Video
10 scanned photos
5 minutes pre-selected family footage
Disc of raw footage
3 final DVDs

Legacy Premiere
40 minute fully edited Vintage Video
20 scanned photos
10 minutes pre-selected family footage
Interviews with additional family members
Disc of raw footage
6 final DVDs